HOW we do it ?

Best Rehabilitation & Addiction Treatment Center in Islamabad (IDARC) works intimately with the customers (and their families) who face testing mental issues of minor, moderate or serious levels. Following are a couple of striking highlights that IDARC banks upon to convey up to the most noteworthy expert gauges:

Evidence Based Practice

Based on authentic evidences, the therapies are devised to foster the healing & recovery processes.

Best Rehabilitation & Addiction Treatment Center in Islamabad

Individualized Care Giving

Customization of treatment programs is a constant for every case we deal with adhering to the uniqueness of every individual.

Blending Experience with Expertise

From a psychiatrist to a nursing assistant, the staff at IDARC cherishes worthy experienced and expertise.

Life-long Recovery Approach

Our life coaching component of treatment ensures a self-regulated reservoir of resilience on the part of recovering individuals at IDARC.

Best-in-Class Facilities

IDARC distinctively positions itself as a best-in-class treatment facility owing to its nurturing home-like environment.

Minimal Medicinal Dependence

Emphatically focused on psychological model at IDARC, we believe in minimizing the medicinal intervention and resultant dependence.

Full Spectrum Treatment Provision

From minor adjustment issues to severe psychotic conditions & addiction, IDARC renders a full continuum of care.

HOW we are ?

IDARC gives a full range of habit and psychological well-being treatment including medication detox & recovery, outpatient mediations and private recuperation programs. To guarantee better results, our specialists offer vivid and comprehensive consideration in getting mental conditions help customers accomplish objective situated recuperating. We have specialists and doctoral level advisors with different experience to configuration customized treatment intends to change lives.

Founding Directors

Energetic and driven by a verve to serve the enduring spirits and menaced brains, Sir kiffayat is a analysts with post graduate capabilities and scholastic differentiators. As life accomplices and emotional wellness specialists, they share a dream of raising the models of emotional well-being in Pakistan.Islamabad Drug Addiction Rehab Center (IDARC) is an encapsulation of their central goal to lift the mental prosperity of individuals around, while culminating the way toward mending and recuperation.
Kifayyat Hussain Khan
Founder & CEO

Drug Addiction & Substance Use Disorders

Anxiety Disorder

Personality Disorders

Trauma and Stress Related Disorder

Depression & Other Mood Disorders

What Do We Treat

Obsessive Compulsive & Related Disorders

Eating & Sleep Disorders

Sexual & Gender Identity Disorders

Anger,Impulse Control & Conduct Disorders

Developmental Disorders & Learning Disabilities

Schizophrenia Spectrum & other Psychotic Disorders

Lack of Self Confidence & Personal Effectiveness

Treatment Approach

IDARC works closely with the clients and their families

Testing & Assessments

First the client goes through comprehensive assessment through ...

Evidence based Treatment Plans

A panel of physician, psychologist and psychiatrist devise a holistic ...

Recovery Process

IDARC focuses on therapeutic treatment and discourages long ...

Discharge Planning

Process of discharge planning can be completed by a psychologist ...

The Medical Specialists

Kifayat Hussain Khan


Ms. Sumera Bhatti

(MSC. ADCP, Diploma in Addiction Medicine (Canada) Director Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Dr Abdullah

MBBS Medical specialist

Dr. Azhar Ali

MBBS, FCPS (PSYCH) Assistant Professor Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Consultant Psychiatrist

Shareef ul Haq

Spiritual Therapist

Dr. Fazal Ghani

Medical Doctor

Ashfaq Hussain

Assistant Director

Asma Farid

Clinical Psychologist

Haseeb Arif

Clinical Psychologist

Syeda Fatima Tirmizi

Consultant Clinical Psychologist

Khawaja Rahat Altaf

General Manager

Muhammad Asif


Abid Iqbal

Clinical Psychologist

Dr Farukh Khan


Shah Faisal

Ward Manager

You have a number of reasons to choose us!

Life Coaching & Training Workshops

At IDARC, we believe in a proactive approach to achieve highest levels of personal and professional wellbeing. Through our ongoing life coaching and training workshops, we inculcate resilience and vitality as acquired traits on the part of our alumni to deal with the challenging circumstances in life.

Addiction Recovery

One of the most prevalent threat of personal wellbeing in Pakistan and across the word is substance abuse and drug addiction

Intensive Inpatient

IDARC has a state-of-the-art inpatient facility to deliver physical and mental health services. Following are few salient

Outpatient Care & Counseling

IDARC focuses on therapeutic treatment and discourages long ...

Discharge Planning

Process of discharge planning can be completed by a psychologist ...

Visit Our Facility

IDARC ensures that the private conditions add to the recuperation procedure with most extreme happy with living conditions bolstered by exceptionally prepared and sharpened staff. Following are not many looks at our outpatient and inpatient offices.

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For Outpatient & One-to-One Coaching

House No. 6 Block C Road, E Naval Anchorage Islamabad

For Outpatient & One-to-One Coaching

Main PWD Road House # 107 street 19 then 22 pakistan Town phase 2 near Al Noor chemist....Islamabad