Treatment Programs

Treatment Programs

Addiction Recovery

One of the most common danger of individual prosperity in Pakistan and over the word is substance misuse and chronic drug use. The frequency is higher among the youthful populace and male yet more seasoned individuals and females are not an exemption by any means. Co-event of dysfunctional behaviors and substance misuse is another test to be acknowledged by the family and parental figures of patients and bought in technique for treatment. An ongoing upsurge in different kinds of chronic drug use calls for dynamic and incorporated treatment approaches which we, at IDARC, hold fast to. Various financial and social foundation of patients are considered while conceiving a treatment system for every person as a formal course of medication detox and restoration.
Following are few substances which are used in common and the addicts of which are treated at IDARC with residential recovery programs.

Class A Drugs

Heroin (diamorphine)

Stress Names: Gear, Hammer, H, Horse, Brown/Black, Brown Sugar or China White


Stress Names: Coke, Gas, Crack, Nose Candy, Rock Star, Rack, Blow, C, Rock, Disco Powder or Base



Stress Names: Done, chocolate chip cookies or fizzies



Stress Names: MDMA, E, Eccy, Pills, Love Pill, Hug, Eve or XTC



Stress Names: Acid, Battery Acid, Loony Toons, Superman, Purple Heart or Yellow Sunshine


Magic Mushrooms

Stress Names: Shrooms, Mushrooms, Mushies, Magic, Boomers, Caps or Simple Simon

Class B Drugs


Stress Names: Speed, Crypto, White Wash, Chicken Feed, Chalk, Truck Drivers, Uppers or Black Beauties



Stress Names: Ice, Crystal, Meth, Crank, Speed, Fire or Glass



Stress Names: Barbs, Toonies, Blue Devils, Yellow Jackets or GABBA



Stress Names: Green, Chronic, GoodShit, Stash, Colorado, 420, Marryjane, Hash, Grass, Pot, Weed, Ganja or Charas



Stress Names: Bath Salt, Vanilla Sky, Zoom, Bloom, Ivory Wave or LegalX


Class C Drugs

Benzodiazepines (tranquilizers)

Stress Names: Benzoz, Roofies, Xenies, Sleepers, Downers or Barbies



Stress Names: Caps, Cherry Meth, Fantasy, G-Riffic, LiquidX, Liquid Lay or Salty Water



Stress Names: Cat Valium, Super C, Jet, Super Acid, K, Vitamin K or Ketalar


Anabolic Steroids

Stress Names: : Juice, Arnies, Stackers, Pumpers or Roids



Stress Names: BZP or Benzies


Cheap and Unclassified Drugs

Benzodiazepines (tranquilizers)

Petrol,Paint Thinners,Paint,Diesel,Glue

Intensive Inpatient

IDARC has a best in class inpatient office to convey physical and emotional wellness administrations. Following are not many striking highlights of our inpatient treatment of illicit drug use and other private recuperation programs.

Outpatient Care & Counseling

IDARC has been working effectively in outpatient treatment programs since several years including treatments and guiding as pursues:

Aftercare & Recovery Management

Recuperation the board isn't simply constrained to the customer however to the family too. Family is trained the infant steps prompting a definitive objectives of changing in a difficult domain. The family at that point turns out to be progressively clever to empower the customer in moving starting with one stage then onto the next. The customer at that point turns out to be increasingly mindful of the requests of the earth once his/her shortcomings have been gone to qualities during his/her stay at IDARC. The customer is set up to practically encounter the instruments and strategies that s/he has been instructed.