What Do We Treat

What Do We Treat

What Do We Treat

We treat full range of mental ailments attributable to mastery of our in-house and available to come back to work specialists including therapists, analysts and psychotherapists. After an underlying appraisal and case gathering, we suggest the treatment plan whether it very well may be overseen through outpatient treatment or a confirmation is required by any stretch of the imagination. Following is a rundown of mental issues and clutters we treat:

Drug Addiction & Substance Use Disorders

Anxiety Disorder

Personality Disorders

Trauma and Stress Related Disorder

Depression & Other Mood Disorders

What Do We Treat

Obsessive Compulsive & Related Disorders

Eating & Sleep Disorders

Sexual & Gender Identity Disorders

Anger,Impulse Control & Conduct Disorders

Developmental Disorders & Learning Disabilities

Schizophrenia Spectrum & other Psychotic Disorders

Lack of Self Confidence & Personal Effectiveness